29 March 2015

Diversity in front of simplicity

When I'm talking about how I connect tech to the SAMR model in my examples it's exactly that part I'm talking about. The technology. But of course SAMR can be used even without 'tech', so far I havn't talked about that. 

When I use technology I try to use it as effective as it's possible for the moment. Therefor I reach different levels on the model and it's not always necessary to reach the higher levels. But when describing the steps how it would be possible to go there I hope I (or you my readers) could see how it would be possible to reach higher and hopefully without modify your own goals. 

With that said, this is not how I've solved the entire course.

As one of my friends comment on my previous blogpost 
"There should be some common ground between 'traditional teaching' and ICT." 

Of course, that is the key to success: to keep our students' interest, we have to vary our teaching so it's always interesting. A course full of powerpoints or minecraft won't make it! I have to use my whole toolbox and no matter what tool, I can be successfull if I use SAMR. The technology, as well as SAMR model, is totally useless unless I have an idea what I want to deliver. 

I want to take my teaching to a place where it's interesting to the students and I'm pretty sure they learn in another way that we're used to. So I have to step out of my comfort zone, and walk to their spot and deliever. And that's not always the easiest.

What comes to the project "Business administration with World of Warcraft" we never did play the game during the lectures, we mostly used PowerPoints and the whiteboard. However, when using World of Warcraft as a sandbox, we could draw parallels between reality and into a virtual world the participants were interested in. By doing that we have not had to modify our goals, we achieve them anyway. And as a result of that, we could meet halfway with many good and often lengthy discussions, unlike the traditional manner with the textbook examples when the students most often are sleeping.

We do not really need to learn and master the game, it's enough that we are interested in our students' interest and use this to our advantage. 

We took advantage of both parties knowledge to achieve a common goal, and that might be a step to the question "How do I utilise knowledge by choosing this or that?"

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