16 March 2015

In the beginning...

A year ago (2014) I finished my first Minecraft project and I made a first try to reflect what I've done during the last year. I tried to apply my thoughts to Ruben R. Puentedura's SAMR model and when doing that to Minecraft it turned out like this:

The lowest level is Substitution: 
Technology acts as a direct substitute  
Instead of work with papers, students use computers.

The second level is Augmentation: 
Direct substitute with functional improvement 
Instead of book encyclopedia students use wikis and YouTube to solve problems. 

The third level is Modification:
Technology allows for a significant task redesign 
With the Minecraft tool the students started to create 3D models of their schools and meanwhile learned different subjects, took screenshots, videoclips and used them in reports or microblogs.

The fourth level is Redefinition: 
Technology  allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable for example creating a calculator (electrical engineering), use a 2D sketch to create a 3D model (technical drawing), the experience: to actually walk around inside your 3D model and feel as you walk there in real life.

Finally, I have to agree with Techno Rookie about the best part. Neither did I had to move through these levels or through the SAMR model, I challenged my students, they adapt and overcome, with other words: they did the rest. 

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